Medical Kits

Cotton gauze swab

The gauze swabs are widely used in hospital,clinic,first aid,other wound dress or care. Pure 100% cotton yarn ensure the product soft and adherent. Superior absorbency makes the pads perfect for absorbing blood any exudates.

Wound adhesive plaster

The wound adhesive tape is used for trauma, cut, burned to prevent infected, and also used to fix transfusion needle. It is covered with ventilated polyethylene anti-adherent film to prevent the bandage from sticking to wound.

Wound dressing kits

Wound dressing kits is mainly used to clean wounds and change dressings for the patients who have suffered trauma.

Hemodialysis care kits

Disposable Dialysis dressing kits comprises all necessary for pre and post dialysis. Such convenient pack saves the preparation time before treatment and lowers the labor intensity for medical staffs.
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