Folded KN95 Protective Face Mask

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Medline Folded KN95 Protective Face Mask, specially designed for repiratory protection of the user, can be used for various application such as industrial production, daily personal protection, and even medical facilities, to prevent virus transmission from a patient to medical staff.

The Folded KN95 Protective Face Mask, could meet the Chinese standards GB2626-2019, GB19083-2010, EU standard EN149 FFP2.

During the COVID-19, It provides a basic protection for medical personnel or related personnel, as well as the protection against the transmission of blood, body fluid and spatter in the invasive operation, the product is for single use only.


Product Feature:

1) 4-5 Layers of filtration - 2 layers of spunbond non-woven fabric, 2 layers of melt-blown fabric, heat-sealed cotton fabric can be added optional to insulate viruses and bacteria, protecting you health;

2) Material - inner fabric is skin-friendly and anti-allergic, outer non-woven fabric is water-repellency, which can filter smog/dust/hcho/droplet/drour/bacteria particles;

3) Concealed adjustable nose bridge - can be tightly fit without gaps, improve protection performance;

4) Welding point - strong welding, no glue and no formaldehyde;

5) Elastic ear band - can be highly stretchable and comfortable to wear for a long time;

6) Provides at least 95% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil particles, FFP 2 type also performs well against oil particles.


Product specification:


Ref No.




PM- I 9501

Sodium chloride particle filtration

Personal protection


PM- I 9502

Sodium chloride particle filtration

Medical protection


PM- I 9503

Sodium chloride and oil particle filtration

Personal protection

EN 149 FFP2


Application Methods:


IFU of KN95

Step1: Unfolded the mask and check whether outface of the mask is intact;

Step2: Cover your chin with the mask;

Step3: Make the mask cover your mouth and nose, hang the ear straps below both ears, and adjust the straps to a confortable condition;

Step4: Press the index and middle fingers of both hands from central of the mask to the both sides, press the nose tip until the mask is close to the nose bridge;

Step5: Place both hands on the mask, test the positive and negative pressure to ensure the mask tightness.


Packaging Picture:

KN95 protective mask

10pcs/bag, 50pcs/box, 900pcs/ctn (carton size 42x42x47.5cm)


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