Infusion sets for pediatric use

Product Overview:

Disposable infusion set is a sterile, single use medical device, applied in venous infusion in clinic.


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Product Details

Product Description:

Disposable infusion set is a sterile, single use medical device, applied in venous infusion in clinic.


Product Feature:

Ⅰ. Equipped with Spike, Air Filter, Flexible tubing, Y-injection set, Roller Clamp, Fluid Filter and needle, etc.;

Ⅱ. Can be assembled with infusion bags and bottles;

Ⅲ. Sterilized by E.O gas, non-toxic and pyrogen-free;

Ⅳ. Highly sharp needle points, causing light puncture force and bringing less pain to patient;

Ⅴ. Flexible tubing with standard length of 150cm;

Ⅵ. With flow regulator to control the rate of medicine liquid.


Product Specification:

* According to the different configuration, it can be divided into the adult use (20drops/ml) and pediatric use (60drops/ml).

* Product can be customized according to the customer’s demand.

* PE/Pouch/Blister package is optional.


Infusion sets Disposable infusion set Infusion sets for adult use

Disposable syringe with safety needle

The safety syringe are assembled by the safety hypodermic needle, barrel, plunger and gasket. Cover the safety needle cap manually after use to activate the safety mechanism, which can avid nurse’s hand being hurt.

Disposable syringe with safety cap

The safety syringe adds the protective cap based on the traditional syringes, which is used together with hypodermic needles to prevent accidental puncture harm. After finishing the medicine injection, push the blue protective cap to cover the needle, thus prevent the contaminated needle exposure.

Safety Hypodermic Needle

Safety hypodermic needle is designed for protecting the healthcare worker from accidental needle stick injuries. The safety cap design increases the safety performance. After use, cover the safety cap manually which can make sure that clinicians, patients, and downstream workers could receive protection from a sharps injury.

Safety Retractable Syringe

Safety retractable syringe is used for clinical drug solution injection. After medicine injection, operated by one hand, the needle can be drown back in the needle barrel to protect the users (nurses) and the people for recycling not be injured by accident.

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