Foreign trade salesman


Job Nature:

Full time



Working place:

Yangzhou, Jiangsu



Job Responsibilities:
1. Familiar with the products, and be able to independently analyze its composition and give an accurate quotation.
2. Be able to independently develop customers, understand the foreign trade process, and give customers timely answers to product specifications and quality.
3. Have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances, handle customers' questions well.
4. Pay attention to improving your knowledge of products, English and business ability.
5. Develop new products in a timely manner according to market changes.
6. Cooperate with the needs of the company and do a good job in translation in a timely manner.
7. Other tasks assigned by superior leaders.

Job requirements:
1. No gender limitation, college degree or above.
2. CET-6 or above, with good listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
3. Work experience is not limited.
4. Have strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, work hard and have a strong sense of responsibility. Strong pressure resistance, quick thinking. Cheerful personality, positive enthusiasm.
4000+ business commission, five insurances and one housing fund, many opportunities to go abroad for exhibitions!